Ledger nano x arrival

ledger nano x

By: Ofir Beigel updated: 1/thirteen/21

The Ledger Nano X is the today’s hardware wallet added by Ledger. In this put up I will percentage my private enjoy with the choices device and my mind about whether it’s certainly the nice wallet round.

ledger nano x

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The Ledger Nano X is one step in advance of other hardware wallets in the marketplace today. The expanded potential for coins, mixed with its bluetooth connectivity makes it a powerhouse for coping with crypto belongings. Having stated that, the choices user experience still requires some paintings.

That’s the choices Nano X in a nutshell. If you want an in depth review of my enjoy with the choices Nano X keep on reading, right here’s what I’ll cowl:

1. Hardware Wallets Overview

A Hardware wallet is a small device that stores the choices non-public key for your cryptocurrency.

The interesting element approximately it’s far that it in no way exposes your private key outdoor of the choices device, meaning it’s far usually saved offline (also referred to as bloodless garage).

So even while you want to ship money from it, it’ll signal the choices transaction on the device itself and no longer on any laptop it’s linked to.

For this purpose, it is feasible to attach your hardware wallet to any compromised pc without the choices hazard of disclosing your non-public key.

This makes hardware wallets a completely popular desire for storing cryptocurrencies instead of software wallets that are constantly linked to the choices net (also called warm wallets).

If you’re new to cryptocurrency wallets I recommend watching this video to get a complete overview of the subject matter:

2. Ledger and the Nano X

Ledger is one of the largest hardware wallet organizations round these days (the opposite one being Satoshi Labs who manufactures TREZOR).

The company became based in 2014 and is a pacesetter in safety and infrastructure answers for cryptocurrencies and blockchain packages.

Ledger has a team of over 130 experts. They concentrate on developing loads of products and services to guard cryptocurrency assets, the present day one being the Ledger Nano X.

The Nano X’s foremost distinction from preceding models is its bluetooth connectivity, which lets in it to be controlled via a cellular smartphone and not just from a laptop laptop.

3. My Ledger Nano X Experience

I’m a absolutely large fan of the choices Nano S (the choices previous Ledger version), that’s why I become anxiously expecting the choices Nano X’s arrival. The cell guide changed into probable the final feature missing a good way to make it a simply best hardware wallet.

The Nano X comes superbly packaged with the choices device itself, a USB-C cable, a hard and fast of instructions and recuperation seed playing cards. The previous bulgy buttons that were on top of the tool at the moment are seamlessly incorporated on it in a manner that’s even a piece tough to notice. All in all a stunning design.

There are diverse stages you’ll want to go through so as to installation your Nano X.

When you first power up the tool it will ask you to pick a four-eight digit PIN code. You can toggle between numbers the use of the buttons, even as “enter” is accomplished through urgent each buttons concurrently.

The seed word is like the password in your wallet. It’s something that must be saved safe and hidden at all times.

When initializing the choices tool you may get hold of 24 phrases that you ought to write down on a chunk of paper and store away. In case the tool receives lost, damaged or stolen you can recover your price range using your seed word.

Because the seed word is so vital you’ll be asked to verify it absolutely after writing it down. Unlike the choices TREZOR setup method, with Ledger you can’t skip this element.

While I understand why Ledger insists on this, I discover it a bit bulky and might prefer to have the option to pass this part and get again to it later.

Now comes the exciting element, connecting the Nano X with your cellular device.

Previous Ledger versions were handiest managed via the computing device software program called “Ledger Live”. The Nano X can also be managed thru the choices Ledger Live mobile app.

Pairing the choices device need to be fairly simple and simple, however unfortunately, that’s not what I skilled. I discovered it a chunk buggy and it took me tries to get it to paintings.

The system becomes even greater cumbersome when you begin controlling the tool from the choices app. Almost each time you execute an movement on the choices app you need to look ahead to the choices bluetooth connection and approve the motion on the choices tool itself.

More often than not, the choices tool doesn’t show the choices “approve” choice and also you just need to attend some seconds for the movement to be car authorized.

Once the tool is paired and equipped you may deploy exceptional apps on it relying on the choices cash you need to apply.

This changed into, by way of some distance, the choices maximum confusing step for me. After putting in the choices Bitcoin app I became sure I turned into equipped to move. Apparently you have to additionally upload a Bitcoin account on the device and that is not conveyed thru the choices consumer interface.

Of route you may discover a complete onboarding procedure on Ledger’s site, however as a veteran Bitcoiner I anticipated it to be greater intuitive.

After five mins of going from side to side I sooner or later observed this missing step and from there it became extraordinarily easy to get the choices deal with on a way to manage the tool.

After putting in the Nano X and using it for a while I even have to mention I even have blended feelings about the choices device. On the one hand that is in reality an upgrade from preceding fashions and other hardware wallets.

On the opposite, the choices interface isn’t as intuitive as I’d adore it to be and the choices bluetooth connection seems to be getting within the way of every movement.

Perhaps these are a result of technical obstacles that I’m no longer privy to, however in the long run, if this product is aimed at the general target audience it calls for a chunk more sprucing.

4. Ledger Nano X supported coins

The Ledger Nano X helps over a thousand coins and tokens. The main coins may be sent / acquired thru the choices Ledger Live software interface. Here’s a list of the choices top supported cash:

Less “popular” coins and specially ERC-20 tokens (i.e. cash used in ICOs) want opportunity software program related to the choices Ledger to send and get hold of them (e.g MyEtherWallet, MyCryptoWallet).

You can view the whole supported asset listing here.

5. How Much does That Nano X Cost?

The Nano X costs $119 (VAT excluded) which is twice the cost of the choices Nano S ($59 VAT excluded). Basically, you’re buying Bluetooth guide and extended potential of coins (the choices Nano X can keep as much as a hundred belongings concurrently).

In my opinion, at the same time as that is a very huge price soar it’s nonetheless really worth the choices brought functionality.

The Nano S’s confined potential for coins may be a real hassle at times and the fact you could manipulate your hardware wallet out of your cellular is a large plus.

6. Ledger Nano X vs. TREZOR and the Nano S

When evaluating the Nano X to the choices opposition, I trust it comes out on the choices higher hand. In the choices end the Nano X supports more currencies and has bluetooth connectivity.

You can manage as much as 100 coin apps concurrently on your tool (examine to three on the choices preceding Nano S version).

Compared to the TREZOR version T ($169.ninety nine Vat excluded) it only lacks a touchscreen, which in my opinion isn’t that plenty of a bonus anyhow.

Older models like the TREZOR One can’t compete with the Nano X’s features.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

Ledger Live is the software that allows you to manipulate your Ledger Nano X hardware wallet. It may be downloaded for your computing device or your mobile telephone thru an app.

You can send Bitcoins to this deal with at any time, you don’t need for the Ledger pockets to be linked to your computer or whatever like that.

Yes. The Nano X and Nano S models guide Cardano (ADA).

8. Conclusion – Is the choices Ledger Nano X Worth it?

There’s no question that Ledger made a very massive attempt to take their present day hardware wallet model to the following degree. The combination of the glossy device with the characteristic wealthy “Ledger Live” software program creates a powerhouse for dealing with crypto assets.

Having said that, now not everything is absolutely polished on the choices Nano X. The UX for putting in place the device calls for a chunk more idea, in my view, and the bluetooth connectivity experience is a long way from smooth.

All in all, I’d genuinely use this device no matter its downsides. Although now not ideal, it still wins the choices struggle against all other opposition.

Ledger Nano X

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I actually have an older Nano (authentic). No longer support by using Ledger. WHAT? So I want to shop for a new tool? I additionally have 2 Ledger Nano S, certainly one of which not responds. I’m no longer certain what my options are at this factor. I actually have an unused Keepkey that I bought for $five closing year in the course of their excursion hearth-sale, but I actually have read some nightmares approximately that. Any suggestions absolutely everyone?

Had a Nano S for some years. Was satisfied until I started to buy a few exclusive cash. The reminiscence is stupidly low on that. So bought a Nano X as well. Agree on procedures to setup and the choices lousy BlueTooth.

Not being able to create multiple wallets in one coin is the choices worst element I assume. I would like to ship a few coins from one wallet to a couple of bills in the Nano at the choices identical time to lessen transactions expenses. But its impossible to create a couple of empty new accounts. Stupid!

Also the Ledger fuckup with purchaser addresses sincerely pisses me off. GDPR has not been applied at Ledger. Sue their asses ffs.

Nano X supports ADA however, you can not load any ADA due to the fact LedgerLive, the choices pockets that moves cash and tokens inside and outside does NOT. WTF Ledger !?

If we lose ur hardware wallet then from in which are we able to retreive ur coins the use of the choices seed word

Any wallet which makes use of a non-public key encryption technique which is well matched with how your seed phrase turned into originally generated will will let you repair the total balance of the misplaced hardware wallet. For instance, I even have a seed word from a Trezor but if I lose that tool, I can use my seed phrase backup to retrieve my balance into Electrum. I accept as true with that most cutting-edge wallets that run on a computer, and perhaps even a few greater advanced cellular wallets, will assist you to repair from a seed word in this way.

Now it comes with 2 year assurance.