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Think easy. Imagine a name with the choices gloss of honey and the choices float of water. If it is an English name, possibilities are it is elegant for American girls these days. From the choices trim sweetness of “raindrop names”like Lily to the choices lyricism of “liquid names” like Aurelia, dad and mom are interested in the sleekest sounds round.

One of the beauties of the choices fluid sounds is that they tour well. To display, I’ve accrued examples of easy women’ names from all around the global. These names, from 33 extraordinary languages, display off an awesome range of styles. But no longer one has hard stops or rough edges; just silky-smooth glide.

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Got some excellent names there! How is Raya said?

It sounds similar to rye-yuh, with a roll to the choices “r”. It’s syllables, but they aren’t distinct; there may be no pause between so all of it flows together.

Think Maya, but not ray-uh.


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