Which of the following best defines binary form question 8 options aba ab aa bb

which of the following best defines binary form question 8 options aba ab aa

one hundred+ pinnacle mcq concept of automata a couple of choice questions and answers unit 1basic idea & automata theory

principle of automata and formal language mcqs with solutions simple idea & automata concept 

1. Which of following is true?

1. For each finite language, there exists a DFA which accepts the language.

2. For a few finite language, there does now not exista DFA which accepts the choices language.

three. Only finite languages are standard through

4. Every infinite language is customary with the aid of

A. infinitely many country however finitely many

B. finitely many states.

C. transition characteristic with finite area and

D. transition characteristic with probable limitless

a) Only A and B

b) Only B and C

c) Only A ,B, and C

3. Which of the subsequent language is common the choices given DFA?

4. What is a dump state?

a) A state in DFA whose elimination will

no longer trade the language normal by using

b) A country in DFA from where can’t

goto any other country.

c) A state in DFA from wherein we cannot

goto any receive state.

d) A state in DFA reachable through every

five. Which of following are genuine?

A. NFA may additionally have ϵ transitions but DFA does

B. NFA and DFA both may also have ϵ

C. NFA computes on more than one paths but no longer

D. NFA computes on multiple paths

a) Only A and B

b) Only A and C

c) Only A ,B, and C

6. Which of following languages are time-honored by the given DFA?

A. All binary strings of even length.

B. All binary strings with bizarre distinction between wide variety of zero and quantity of 1.

C. All binary strings of peculiar length.

D. All binary strings with even distinction

among wide variety of 0 and variety of one.

a) Only A and B

b) Only B and C

c) Only C and D

8. Which of following is proper?

a) Every NFA is a fixed of some DFAs

b) NFA is a 6 tuple

c) Every DFA is an NFA

d) Every NFA is a DFA

nine. Which of following is true?

a) A language time-honored through a DFA is

additionally commonplace by means of a few NFA and

b) A language normal via an NFA is

additionally familiar by way of a few DFA however now not

c) DFA is 5-tuple but no longer NFA

d) A language ordinary via a DFA is

additionally common with the aid of some NFA but no longer

10. Which of following is actual?

a) A language regular by way of a

everyday expression is likewise

regularly occurring with the aid of a few NFA and

b) A language universal via a

regular expression is likewise

general by some NFA however no longer

necessarily well-known with the aid of a DFA.

c) A language accepted by way of a

ordinary expression is may not be

widely wide-spread with the aid of any NFA or DFA.

d) A language popular via a

ordinary expression is regularly occurring

with the aid of a few DFA however not

necessarily established by using an NFA.

eleven. Regular languages are closed over

e) All of above

12. Which of following is genuine?

a) For each regular language there

exists a GNFA with atmost 2 states

that accepts the choices language

b) Every GNFA can be transformed to a

regular expression such that both

c) Every NFA may be transformed to a

everyday expression such that both be given identical language

d) All of above 

thirteen. What is the choices language universal by means of following normal expression? zero*(1( 01*zero)*1)*zero*zero

a) Binary illustration of multiples of 6

b) Binary representation of multiples of four

c) Binary illustration of multiples of 3

d) Binary representation of multiples of two

14. Let N be a NFA such that starting state of

N isn’t an accepting kingdom. What is the

minimal duration string that can well-known

a) Length of the choices shortest route from

starting state to a few − 1, Where Q is the choices set of

15. Consider the grammar G,

A → aa ∣ ab ∣ ba ∣ bb

B → aBa ∣ bBb ∣ C

C → aa ∣ ab ∣ ba ∣ bb

which of the subsequent string is generated via

sixteen. The suitable precedence order of

operations over a Regular Language is

a) Kleene, Union, Concatenate

b) Kleene, Star, Union

c) Kleene, Dot, Union

d) Star, Union, Dot

17. If ∑= , then Ф* will result to:

d) None of the referred to

18. Under which of the following operation, NFA is not closed?

d) None of the choices cited

19. Which of the following options is accurate?

Statement 1: Initial State of NFA is Initial

Statement 2: The very last nation of DFA might be

every mixture of very last nation of NFA.

a) Statement 1 is true and Statement 2 is proper

b) Statement 1 is real and Statement 2 is fake

c) Statement 1 may be proper and Statement 2 is true

d) Statement 1 is fake and Statement 2 is also fake

20. What is wrong within the given definition?

a) The definition does no longer satisfy five Tuple

b) There are not any transition definition

c) Initial and Final states do now not belong to the choices

Graph (set of states)

d) Initial and very last states can’t be identical

21. Reverse of a DFA can be fashioned by

b) making final kingdom as non-final

c) making final as beginning nation and beginning

nation as very last nation

d) None of the noted

22. For a give Moore Machine, Given

Input=’101010’, as a consequence the choices output could be of period:

d) Cannot be expected

23. Transition Function of NFA is given through ___

c) Q x ∑ → Q

d) Q x ∑ → 2Q

24. Which one of the following is TRUE?

a) The Language L = is

b) The Language L = is

c) The Language L = w number of b more than one of five is normal

d) The language L ww the mentioned

26. Length of null string is

27. Length of any string w is

a) Unique wide variety of input symbol in that

b) Number of input image in that string

28. Automata with Boolean output

a) moore m/c

b) mealy m/c

29. Automata may be described by way of the use of

30. Any Language have string which of period <=three and start with zero and end with 1 over then discover the choices number of string on this language?

31. Under which of the following operation, NFA is closed?

d) All of the choices above

32. Which of the following is an application of Finite Automaton?

d) All of the cited

33. NFA, in its call has ’non-deterministic’

a) The result is undetermined

b) The desire of direction is non-deterministic

c) The kingdom to be transited next is non-

d) All of the choices referred to

34. Which of the following is a no longer part of

definition of finite automata?

35. Language of finite automata is.

36. Transition feature of FA maps.to

37. δˆ tells us the pleasant:

a) how the DFA S behaves on a word u

b) the choices country is the choices dumping nation

c) the final kingdom has been reached

d) Kleene operation is achieved on the set

38. For a supply Mealy Machine, Given

Input=’101010’, hence the output could be of

d) Cannot be predicted

39. Subset Construction approach refers to:

a) Conversion of NFA to DFA

c) Eliminating Null references

d) ε-NFA to NFA

40. Given Language: . The overall range of final states to be assumed a good way to pass the choices wide variety constituting is

forty one. State proper or fake? Statement: An NFA can be changed to allow transition without enter

alphabets, in conjunction with one or more transitions

42. What is the relation among DFA and NFA on the idea of computational strength?

d) Can’t be said

43. Which of the following isn’t an example

of finite state gadget device?

a) Control Mechanism of an elevator

44. Given: ∑= ,L= ∑^4 represents which a few of the following?

d) All of the choices cited

forty five. A ______is a substitution such that h(a)

contains a string for each a.

15 a, c 30 b 45 c

which of the following best defines binary form question 8 options aba ab aa

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